They gave them water from the streams,
Food if there was any to be had,
Carried them up and down sheer mountain sides,
Through raging rivers and steaming jungle,
Shaded them with Palm leaves
Under the fierce tropical sun.
In the madness of war and in the end,
They asked for nothing.

From Angels on the Track by Mark Wilson

Kari, a free-spirited mountain boy, doesn't know why there is fighting in the village of Kokoda. But when he finds a wounded Australian soldier lying in a ditch, he knows he cannot leave him. Together they embark upon a perilous journey along the Kokoda Track...

A stunning, poignant picture book about the effects of WWII in the Pacific, as seen through the eyes of a young Papua New Guinean boy.

Teachers Guide

The following are only a few of the stimulus points created by Wilson’s text and illustrations. Further suggestions for activities... More

My Mother's Eyes

With evocative artwork by Mark Wilson on every page, My Mother’s Eyes is a moving and poignant tribute to the young soldiers who were lost, far from home, in the Great War.

About The Author

Highly acclaimed author/illustrator Mark Wilson’s many picture books include The Penguin Shore (a CBCA Notable Book in 1996), The Castaways of the Charles Eaton... More

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